Awards and Achievements

Your Scout will be learning throughout their Scouting journey. Each rank has specific achievments they must earn and certain electives they must complete before they can move on to the next rank. They will be doing these activities with their den and pack.

In addition to the rank advancement achievements there are many other Awards your Scout can earn if they choose to.

NOVA Award

NOVA awards can be earned by Scouts from the Wolf rank up. There are 11 possible NOVA awards for Cub Scouts. Scouts BSA developed the STEM Nova Awards program to excite and expand a sense of wonder in our Scouts. By working with an adult counselor or mentor, the various modules allow them to explore the basic principles of STEM and discover how fun and fascinating STEM can be. The Supernova awards are offered for those who enjoy a super challenge. Discover how the STEM Nova Awards program helps youth be “Prepared. For Life.” Contact your Den leader or Wendy Dewberry to learn more about these truly fun and exciting awards.

Religious Emblem

A Scout is reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion.

Your Scout can earn their Religious Emblem from Tiger and up. To encourage members to grow stronger in their faith, religious groups have developed religious emblems programs. Scouts BSA has approved these programs and allows the emblems to be worn on the official uniform. The various religious groups administer the programs.

Outdoor Activity Award

The Outdoor Activity Award was developed to encourage Cub Scouts to become active in the outdoors. It can be earned from the Tiger rank up. This award is easy for a Scout to earn since Scouts love the outdoors! It can be earned every year. The first time the Scout is awarded with the patch. If it is earned again, the Scout will recieve a pin to where on their uniform.

Emergency Prepardness Award

From its beginning, the Scouting movement has taught young people to do their best, to do their duty to God and country, to help others and to prepare themselves physically, mentally and morally to meet these goals. The basic aims of Scouting include teaching young people to take care of themselves, to be helpful to others and to develop courage, self-reliance and the ability to be ready to serve in an emergency.

The Emergency Preparedness BSA Award, first introduced in 2003 and updated in 2014, was designed with the aims mentioned above in mind. The award has been earned by tens of thousands of Scouts and Scouters individually, with their unit, or at a large event such as a jamboree. By developing these lifelong skills, Scouts have been instrumental in helping their communities recover from emergencies.

When an emergency does occur, it can affect every BSA youth and adult member in the immediate area. Earning the award teaches participants to respond first, as an individual; second, as a member of a family; and third, as a member of a Scouting unit serving their neighborhood and community. This award will allow all Scouts and Scouters to become informed, be prepared, and act promptly and appropriately in the event of emergencies, whether they are natural or man-made.

Scouts and adult leaders can earn the individual Emergency Preparedness Award. Meanwhile, units, districts, and councils can work toward earning the bronze, silver, or gold achievement level.

Recruiter Strip

Have you invited a friend neighbor, relative or classmate to join Cub Scouts or Scouts BSA? If so, you might be eligible to wear the Recruiter Strip.

Normally this strip is awarded the first time a youth successfully recruits another youth into the program. It is usually only awarded once while a Cub Scout and another time while a member of Scouts BSA.