Fall Popcorn Fundraiser

This year's theme will be "Honoring our Hometown Heroes"

All registered scouts families have will be emailed a link to download the Trail's End popcorn sales mobile application. The app is a great way to :

  • Sign up for sales times in front of local stores.

  • Enter sales that you do at the local stores.

  • Record credit card sales, using card number or Square reader.

Why Popcorn?

  • The Pack needs this fundraiser to support activities we do all year.

  • Scouts should earn their way and help pay for Scouting activities.

  • Each scout should try to sell $250 of popcorn this pays for the packs activities for the year and any achievment belt loops and badges the Scout earn.

  • There are cool prizes, like pocket knives, toys, binoculars, flashlights.


If a Scout sells at least....

$250 in popcorn they will receive a free night at the zoo with the pack!!

$500 in popcorn they will receive a free night at the zoo AND the pack will pay the recharter fee for next year!!

There are three ways to sell

1. Show and Sell

The Show and Sell portion of the Popcorn Fundraiser begins on September 19th. We hope to have several locations for you to choose from to sell popcorn in two hour time slots for the last two weekends in September and the first weekend in October. You should be able to sell $150 - $200 in this amount of time. Please go into the Trail's End app to sign up for a time. If you cannot do this, please contact your friendly popcorn team by email at wmsvandyrn2003@yahoo.com.

The Popcorn team will have the popcorn ready for you to sell at the sales location.

**OUR SHOW AND SELL is not confirmed at this time. The COVID 19 virus has changed our world. We are not sure what our future holds. We hope to have show and sells but will keep you updated!


For "wagon sales" Scouts go door to door, sell popcorn and collect money. Then, the scouts go back and deliver the popcorn a few weeks later. Have your scout in their Class A uniform! Accompany your scout for safety. If your workplace allows it, bring the order form in to your office. Email wmsvandyrn2003@yahoo.com if you did not get the brochure and other sales materials.

Remind your scouts to use the script we will demonstrate at the Pack/Den meeting.

“I’m [name] from Cub Scout Pack 156. We are selling popcorn to support our activities. Will you please help me?

***Order forms and payments are DUE no later than October 19th! ***


You send an email to your out of town family and friends and ask them to support your scout. Include an adorable photo of your scout in uniform for best results. The transaction is completely handled by the online popcorn system and popcorn is delivered to their home. No Class A uniform is needed. You can do this in your pajamas watching TV! No doorbell ringing. No carrying around boxes of popcorn. This is a great way to get out of town family and friends to support your scout.

All you do is launch the Trail's End app and then go to the "Share Your Page" at the bottom of the starting screen. Press the red envelope button and then enter an email address. Trail's End app will send an email to that person with a handy link where they can order popcorn. When they click the link, they'll see your customized page. This is really an easy way to sell popcorn AND your Scout earns more points this way towards prizes! Online sales can go on until November 30th.

The MTC website has a plethora of info for you and your Scout! Check it out! https://www.mtcbsa.org/popcorn

As always, contact the pack at info@pack156.org or your popcorn kernel at mmhouston2016@gmail.com if you have any questions about the fundraiser.

Signed, Your Popcorn Kernel!

Malissa Boyer