Part of the Scout Oath promises to "help other people at all times".

By participating in a Scouting for Food program, scouts come a step closer to fulfilling those words.

Across the country, in many councils and districts, thousands of troops and packs with millions of scouts involved collect tens of millions of pounds of food which is distributed to needy neighbors. If your troop or pack is not involved in a local program, or if there is not a program in place, this is a great opportunity for you to help improve your scouting program.

Last year was our pack's first year participating. Each Scout collected their own food and brought it into a pack meeting. We donated the food we obtained to "Food to the Rescue". This services assures ALL students in Putnam County have food when school is not in session. We may or may not do something different this year. We'll keep you posted!

This community serivce project is simple.

  • Bags are distributed to homes with instructions on pick-up date - usually the next weekend.
  • Full bags are collected.
  • Bags are delivered to food bank.

General guidelines for our Pack's Scouting for Food program:

  • Contact local food bank to make sure they want help and to ask what type of items are best. Last year our pack donated to "Food to the Rescue". This food bank give school aged children back packs full of food during school vaction times to assure they have food to eat while not in school.
  • Identify source of bags - a local supermarket possibly
  • Define date for drive. Our Middle Tennessee Council usually has the Scouting for Food Drive in February.
  • Determine number of bags needed
  • Create instructions to include with distributed bags
  • Distribute bags and instructions to scouts before event - scouts should staple instructions to bags

For a smooth running food collection program, remember these tips:

  • All scouts wear uniforms when distributing and collecting bags
  • Scouts stay in buddy teams
  • Hang the bags on front door - do not knock, but if the resident is outside or greets you, explain the program
  • Before the collection date, post reminder signs at entrances to main neighborhoods and at key intersections.
  • Only collect visible bags - do not knock or ask for bags.

This is a great excuse to get out and hike a couple miles while performing service to the local community. Your scouts will be amazed at how much food they will collect.. It is a tangible example of the generousity of people in your town.